If necessity is the mother of invention, then the Discovery Deck team was born out of a need to help our clients at Napoleon Creative step outside of their business. We found that in initial briefing meetings, they would often start with a list of their product’s features they felt were essential to communicate. However, when we started asking them which of these were most important to their customers, the conversation changed.

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Over the years the way we started discussing projects with our clients. We found putting ideas down on paper made the workshops more effective and interactive for all attendees.

Then in early 2016, Gavin Ricketts, the company’s founder, sat down and distilled all he’d learned from his work with clients to formalise this process. He created the workshop format that became Discovery Deck.

We draw on various techniques to democratise a team’s contributions, so no one’s ideas are given too much weight, and likewise no one is left unheard. Our approach is light hearted and relaxed; people learn more when they are comfortable, able to participate in discussion, and allowed to let their personalities shine through.

The outcome of your Discovery Deck workshop depends what challenge you’re bringing with you. It might be a refined company vision statement, marketing messaging, a script outline, a strategic plan for a project. From this, we develop the campaign itself; be that for staff engagement; customer or client communications; or other marketing activities.

As a storytelling strategist with years of experience, our clients tell them the most valuable outcome the Discovery Deck workshop delivers is not just the best next steps to implement or a structured story to share and discuss with their wider team; it’s clarity.