We are an experienced team who combines coaching, agile methodologies and gamification to unlock your ideas. Our clients find this a dynamic, efficient and energising way to reveal the heart of their story, often with a different plot line than they expected.

The format

Our workshops are very versatile and can be delivered 1-to-1 or for a whole team as the format creates an unbiased and collaborative atmosphere. However we’ve found they work best with 2-8 individuals. We can deliver the workshops in-house, at our studio or an external location. The workshop can be used to; plan presentations, script videos or build a marketing campaigns.


What you’ll be getting;

  • 2 hour delivery of the workshop
  • 6 page write up of the results with photo’s
  • A motivated team with all their ideas aligned
  • A succinct structure that’s ready to be implemented and makes sense to a wider team or outsider

What happens in a Discovery Deck Workshop?

The process is hard work and often not quite what the client expects. They often come with an idea they’re going to be looking through words on a page to build the key message. Instead, our first question is “How do you want your audience to feel about this project?” It’s amazing how the mood in the room changes when clients start talking about wanting their audience to feel intrigued, excited, and involved.

Laying out the elements

We use a set of specially designed cards and stickers to make this workshop a physical experience, and we’ve seen clients get really get active, walking around the room, interacting, laughing, and bartering over story points.

We start by identifying all the key elements of the project, the what, why, who, when and how. Then we look at their audience, and double check their needs have been addressed. We then start to structure the elements, using classic storytelling techniques and typical user behaviour to balance content with impact.