Whiteboard animation from Napoleon Creative on Vimeo.

We ran multiple Discovery Deck sessions as a team building workshop for a multinational petrochemical client. The task was to communicate the revolution that was taking place in their procurement team process. Our task was to help the team align their internal messaging about this new process, which helps the company buy in goods in a more holistic and cost-effective way.

Starting the Team Building Workshop

We kicked off with the Heads of the Department to achieve a high level project overview. We then ran similar sessions for other teams drilling down into the content. To help get the teams think about the viewer we started off by asking them a few simple questions such as the below “How do you want your audience to feel when they watch this video?”

team building workshop


Our session wasn’t entirely what the teams expected as some came to the meeting with laptops. The cards helped challenge and involve everyone in an a-political way.

team building workshop

Communicating the new process

One of the business outcomes was the first draft of a whiteboard animation, that engaged their staff in the new process.

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whiteboard animation