We used Discovery Deck as a brand story workshop to uncover the winning story for a Seedr’s campaign. Our friends at MisoTasty were raising funds to launch a new product range and grow the business. They needed to tell their brand story in a clear, succinct and compelling way.

Discovering the story

Bonnie spent three years developing her product, which has been on sale since 2014 so she had a lot of stories to tell. Her challenge was to take potential clients on her journey, while also communicating the credibility and potential of her product. We started the session by establishing what her goals were with her story. She found this reassuring:

The team took a huge burden off my shoulders by getting strategically involved in planning the storytelling.

brand story workshopWe then unpacked all the elements of her story, the wins and the challenges. We then started structuring them in an order that told a compelling story, with a beginning, middle and end. We looked at the market for this story, which was not just fans of her product, but potential investors. By the end of the brand story workshop, we had distilled her four year journey into five key story points.

You turn my massive blah blah blah story to a sharp, neat pitch that had all the important touch points.


The key for us is that Bonnie has a great product that she’s passionate about. However, thoughtful, engaging storytelling is a powerful weapon in engaging audiences.

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