Schawk used Discovery Deck as a sales message workshop for their Colour Lab product. They were creating a sales support animation to explain how they help brand owners achieve globally consistent colour.


How we began

As we’re based in London, and they were split between Manchester and America, we did the session via conference call. This made it a little more complicated than when we’re in the same room, but the process still translated.

As we use coaching techniques, it doesn’t matter whether we are experts in the field we’re talking. What’s important is asking the right questions to get the client to explain what we needed to know. We clearly did well, since our client noted:

You grasped a complex and technical subject matter quickly and were able to create a very simple and easy to understand story/video.

As we went through the Discovery Deck process, we helped them take an outside perspective on their business, and build a story around their product.


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