We used our card-based planning tool with Rising Star Games who were launching a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve developed a new board game based on the cult video game Deadly Premonition and they turned to crowdfunding to make it into a reality. They used Discovery Deck to plan crowdfunding campaign details before they starting.

Our precess helped the Rising Star better understand the challenges of their project by literally laying everything out on the table. Here’s what they said about our workshop:

We entered the session with the Discovery Deck team for our initial briefing with what we thought was a fairly clear and resolute picture of our goals and aims, our target audience and our messaging for our video project. We were happy to be challenged on all this, and massively impressed with the workshop session.

The end result of a greatly distilled vision, a solid of foundation to start to build our campaign.

Lee Skitrell, Marketing Strategist

They ended the meeting with a clear way forward. One of the most rewards parts of Discovery Deck is helping people prioritise and clarify their viewpoint on a project. By the end of their campaign, they had raised over doubled their goal. So if you want to plan crowdfunding campaign details for you project, get in touch.

Do you want help planning your campain?

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