When it comes to crowdfunding storytelling is essential. People want to know not only the products, but the story of those who created them and how they did it. Bonnie Chung of Miso Tasty asked us to help her tell their story for their crowdfunding campaign.

We sat down and went through the Discovery Deck process, unpacking all the challenges she’s faced growing the business. The table was full of our cards, so many experiences to track. We then went through and asked which of these were truly relevant to her audience. The interesting shift for Bonnie was that her audience was not just people who were interested in new taste experiences, which was her current target market. She also needed to focus on people who weren’t necessarily interested in the product for themselves, but could see that it had the potential to grow.

This is what makes running Discovery Deck workshops so rewarding, watching people shift their understanding of a project enabling them to make better decisions about next steps.


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