While our clients vary from sole traders to multinationals, selling anything from chocolate bars to big tech installations, they’re all confronted by a similar task. They need to discover the story of their product or service. And telling business stories is tough work. From our experience, trying to do this in house is a challenge. When we first speak to clients, they often flood us with details. They know their product inside out, and want to tell everyone everything. We know that isn’t always the best approach. That’s why you need a marketing message workshop.

Over the years, we’ve developed the Discovery Deck workshop format. It combines classic story telling techniques, business coaching and a lot of questions to challenge our clients. It really gets to the heart of their story!

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The process is hard work and often not quite what the client expects. They don’t see telling business stories as selling products.

One of our first questions is “How do you want your audience to feel about this project?” It’s amazing how the mood in the room changes when clients start talking about wanting their audience to feel intrigued, excited, and involved.

We use a set of specially designed cards and stickers to make this workshop a physical experience, and we’ve seen clients get really get active, walking around the room, interacting, laughing, and bartering over story points.

By the end of session, we’ve looked at the audience, what their needs are and how the film will appeal to them. We’ve cut all the content back to a Minimal Viable Video script – the shortest possible video that will have the greatest impact. We’ve built this back up to an outline of the script, taking into account how we can punctuate the video with key plot points. We get more achieved in two hours than we have in weeks of sending word docs back and forth!

If you’re planning a marketing push, whether or not that includes video, and you want help in building your story, then let us join you for a marketing message workshop!

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Gavin created the Discovery Deck process. It's an incredibly simple, powerful and effective tool to helping people unlock ideas around the projects their undertaking.

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