Looking for an icebreaker meeting format?

We recently had a great session with a client that we were developing a whiteboard animation with. The Discovery Deck workshop proved to be the perfect icebreaker meeting format.

Having any kind of meting at the end of the day can be tricky. You don’t know what everyone has had to deal with during the day, and all they’re probably thinking about is getting home…

This workshop ran from 3pm – 5pm. The head of the project had no idea what he was coming in to. We immediately made the workshop active by asking them to stand up, write down a few ideas, and dig into the feeling of their project.

icebreaker meeting format

Before long the workshop was in full flow. We had our cards spread out over the table and as ever the Must, Maybe, Meh stickers brought a smile to their faces.

At the end of the session, the project lead told me that he really wasn’t looking forward to this session. He’d had a stressful day and just didn’t feel like he had the brain space for it. By the end of the session he was totally engaged, saying he really enjoyed the workshop and was feeling positive about the direction of the project. Just proves that Discovery Deck really is a great icebreaker meeting format.

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Gavin created the Discovery Deck process. It's an incredibly simple, powerful and effective tool to helping people unlock ideas around the projects their undertaking.

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